Wpf progressbar value not updating

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Providing Parameters to the Process Your background process may required one or more parameters, such as the address of a file to download.You can provide a parameter in the Run Worker Async method that will be available as the Argument property in the Do Work event handler.Then, this value can be retrieved from the Result property of the Run Worker Completed Event Args parameter int the Run Worker Completed event handler.Cancelling the Background Process You may want to allow the user to cancel a long running process.The Problem Basically, communicating between view models without tightly coupling them together. If you decide to do it that way then you will need to inject the messenger object into the subscriber and publisher (it has to be the same instance).Next, you need to create the message: Once the task is complete you can unsubscribe.The Menu View Model calls a service that creates the game world. First step is to add the progress bar to the screen that you want to update: (Warning: MVVM Cross specific) A caveat here; if you use something like `Register Type` to register the messenger object, that will also (appear to) work.

Then you must check for the value of the Cancellation Pending property in the Do Work event handler, and if it is true, set the Cancel property of the Do Work Event Args parameter to true.

Make sure you set the Worker Reports Progess property of the Background Worker to true.

Using the Dispatcher to Access Controls on Another Thread At times, you may want to change the user interface from a worker thread.

Multithreading can be confusing at first, but if you just take it one step at a time, it really isn’t all that bad.

I am going to show you how to create a multithreaded application that shows a progress dialog which shows real time progress to the user.

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