Wpf binding observablecollection not updating

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My Problem is that the list does not show any data.But when I debug the code I can see that my property for the Observable Collection gets called and that my collection holds all the Log Entries that I add.

But I don't understand why the List View does not show any data.The only other piece I could see is you've possibly got the datagrid sorted, in which case the grid will not update and resort the items. On the other hand if I just bind to the Observable Collection it displays all the records in the datagrid.I also kept the break point and the count for the View Source is same as the Observable Collection but for some reason it dosent display any rows in the datagrid.So to handle this you'll want to use a @nikhil: I'm sorry I must be missing what you're trying to do.What I've shown will update the screen when you modify elements within the observable collection, which appears to be what you're trying to do. View, but the problem is its not displaying any record in the Data Grid.

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