Who is soulja boy dating right now

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Master Mind specifically made the comment to Bananas4Bonobo, that she was a "bitter black woman that desperately wants to marry a black man".So Letsgetitt/Mastermind decided he would pull one over on this "bitter black woman" by assuming the new name "NEGRO/CHIMP LOVER" which is a direct reference to his claim that the poster was talking smack about black men, yet still desperately wanted one.Did you at least let ya Kitty bleed three months and clean out scrappy first. Dam you just as bad a amber and that monkey she with i like Diamond...i love scrappy...don't really like his mama but you know to each its own... They're really out of control for the ridiculous things they're saying. Its his MOTHER who has decided to publicly disrepect and insult this chick. » EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Bikini Clad Ke Ke Palmer Puts Her Ratchet Alter Ego To Good Use In 'Star'» EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Mehgan James From 'BBW: LA" Throws A WHOLE Fit When Her Non-Boyfriend Got Another Chick's Number» EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Peter Gunz Tells Amina To Share The Blame In Sharing His Community D With Tara» Kevin Hart's Alleged Mistress Just Did A Press Conference With The THOT Union's Lawyer Lisa Bloom» Antonio Brown’s Son’s Mother Makes Deadbeat Daddy Claims, Says He Disrespects His Son!ummm i think its sad how scrappy and diamond broke dont act like she da only person in the world who went with somebody and broke up and went with somebody else..da dudes yall with (check they background) was once with anotha chick... » Esperanza Spalding’s #Black Girl Magic Is Set To Takeover Harvard University The 'Updated' Beyonce Wax Figure Is STILL A Problem» Fight Footage Between Migos' Entourage & XXXTentacion Surfaces, Cardi B Is Dragged Into The Beef UCLA Baller Li Angelo Ball & Teammates Back In US After Shoplifting In China» Wendy Williams’ Husband Kevin Hunter Still Parading His Mistress Around In Public 50 Cent Adds His Childish '2 Cents'» R.Moms says Lil Scrappy-- "The Prince of The South" -- is doing well and Mama D (what she calls herself) wants to put her hands around Diamond's neck.She also said she should scoop Diamond up and put her on the corner to make money instead of her it up for free.

The difference between the FORMER "Chimp" reference and this new "NEGRO/CHIMP LOVER" is that HE ONLY PUTS DOWN BLACK WOMEN. I'VE SEEN PICS OF DIAMOND & LIL SCRAPPY ON SR'S SITE MANY TIMES. I DON'T THINK I'VE EVER HEARD A SONG EITHER HAS SONG.In a recent message on the social media app, the “Crank Dat” rapper posted a photo with the caption “I’m going to die soon. But, instead of turning a blind eye, Drake confronted the man head on, announcing from the stage, “If you don’t stop touching girls, I’m gonna come out there and f–k you up!” The “One Dancer” was so adamant that he repeated himself and even made moves towards acting on his words.My favourite season is autumn, because it’s always warm in September and October. 2)Grade : AAA 3)Package : in original boxes 4)Color : various 5)MOQ : 1 pc 6)Payment : Pay-pal/Western Union / Credit card/Moneygram 7)Ship-ping : 4-7 days with guarantee of customs clearance, drop shipp-ing is accepted to customers'demands.---- ----- NEGRO/CHIMP LOVER is not a White man, its Letsgetitt and Mastermind - the same sorry excuse for a black man.

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