Who is juno temple dating

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She says she was always drawn to the tales’ darker characters.

“I was constantly in fancy dress and in character as a kid.” She cringes.

“That’s why it’s so important to have a director you trust, who can bring your feet back to earth when you’re weeping in a hole after being beaten up.” She remembers Joe Wright reassuring her, when, at 16, she was left traumatised by the sexual abuse scene in Atonement: “Your character is f---ed up, but Juno’s okay.” She says now: “I’ve had to do a couple of rape scenes and they’re f---ing rough.

There’s a brutal one in Horns, then I have to play dead. At the end of an indie, you can feel like a wet rag that’s been wrung dry.” Temple is willing to go, emotionally, where other actresses fear to tread to confront the unpalatable head on. Her father is Julien Temple, punk aficionado and director of the 1979 Sex Pistols documentary The Great Rock and Roll Swindle as well as videos for The Rolling Stones and The Kinks.

Her vocal pitch and perpetual sense of wonder could still be mistaken for a six-year old’s. I never want to lose that.” If taken on first impressions alone, it might be easy to dismiss Temple as a gushy, Bonnie Langford type, a child star trapped in the body of a woman (she started acting when she was eight). In her career, which has already spanned 32 feature films and an EE Rising Star Bafta awarded last year, Temple has shown a taste for darkly complex, unstable female characters which she has embraced with emotional maturity.

After early turns as spiky, petulant school girls in films like Notes on a Scandal in 2002 - a part she won at her first professional audition - and Joe Wright’s adaptation of Ian Mc Ewan’s Atonement in 2007, she has explored the borders of the female psyche in mainly independent films.

If my mother ruptured the fantasy and called me by my real name, I’d say. ’” Her parents weren’t surprised when she said she wanted to become an actress.

Jolie is a dead ringer for the dark queen, even without visual enhancements; and the mental leap from Temple, tiny and ethereal in a dinky lilac vintage dress before me, to a bonkers, teenage pixie is small.

She’s like a sprite in beaten-up biker boots; and she says she feels an affinity to fairies too.

"We were literally in the middle of upstate New York in the middle of July.

There wasn't a lot to do," Angarano explained of filming.

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