Who is jeordie white dating

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If people aren’t buying records, then you need to make them for cheaper.The big record executives with the huge expense accounts have got to disappear.Because that’s where all the money that people are spending is going anyway, to the record companies.There’s no reason why someone in an office should be making all the money from an artist’s intellectual property.

But people are making records based on singles, trying to get their song into the new ‘Fantastic Four’ or ‘Spiderman’ movie.

Instead of listening on an i Pod or crappy computer speakers, they will go back to listening on a nice stereo.

Hopefully, because that is what I like.”Jeordie : “That’s what it boils down to.

It’s not that you have to make a ‘concept record.’ It doesn’t have to be “The Wall,” but something that you listen to from beginning to end, like “Dark Side Of The Moon.” If people present their music like that, instead of just a collection of singles, then people would look at it as a whole and buy the whole record.

But it seems like we’re almost back in the 50’s and 60’s with 45s, which people were buying until the Beatles came along and made the album an ALBUM. As computer processors get bigger and faster, and the music is able to sound better and not be so compressed as mp3, I think people will get back into hifi.

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