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I really enjoyed the choreography of Selina’s nightcap with Marjorie.

Marjorie gets roped into talking about the Meyer Foundation for AIDS and Adult Literacy and Military Families and Childhood Obesity (Selina was inspired by old photos of Catherine) and Selina, who just cannot, calls Jaffar while Marjorie is still talking to plan a date that can start in ten minutes. Of course, we still have one episode left where this victory can go to shit, but for now, what a day for Selina!

Born Milton Ernst Rauschenberg (he changed his name to Robert later in life to sound more like an artist.) in Port Arthur, Texas, he was part German and part Cherokee Indian.

He had no contact with art in his youth, but during World War II when he worked in California as a mental nurse in a number of naval hospitals, he happened to pay a chance visit to an art gallery, and was intrigued by what he saw.

You should see his doodles on the page about the arms deal.

Just as Selina is about to play “What’s in the Bag? Remember how Selina knew about those kids’ Social Security numbers and medical data and used it to target her campaign mailers effectively? Selina bails and blames it on Catherine, but is serious goofy business and she will pay for this flake-out before the episode is through.

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Perhaps in an effort to top the absurdity of her first book title — It sounds like a rough draft, but Mike swears it’s a pun on … Gary lands the earliest mention out of all the staffers: “As Gary poured my tea, I realized the hostages blah blah blah.” That is, unless you count Richard, who is in the dedication.• Furlong, to Jonah, re: his basketball shorts: “Even Kobe Bryant wouldn’t rape you in those things.” • Naturally, there is a copy error on the first page of Selina’s book.• Dan can’t teach in high school because “girls these days just can’t keep a secret.” • What does Uncle Jeff think of Sherman Tanz? (With a rude name.) Selina is mostly concerned with the couch, which in her defense is French linen, and anyway Catherine is on bed rest, not couch rest, so what is she even doing there? Bart’s, where Selina basked on a topless beach and Gary didn’t see writers invented but it turns out is a real thing!

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