Who hannah montana dating

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Apparently, shortly after Hannah and Jake kissed for the first time, Disney Channel introduced a show rule that programs can't linger on a kiss for too long.That's why when Lilly and Oliver started dating and kissing on the show, you'd only see the end of their kisses or people would walk by and block the shot.Well, Lucas Till plays the guy who catches her eye in the upcoming film."He's a cute kid, and I like that he doesn't like the Hannah character," she said about Till's Travis Brody.Miley Cyrus and her Happy Hippie Foundation launched the #Insta Pride campaign on Monday to celebrate transgender and gender expansive people. That's fairly slim pickings." Cyrus' former relationships include an engagement to Liam Hemsworth and a short-lived fling with Patrick Schwarzenegger.She also opened up about her own sexuality and the experiences she's shared when dating both men and women. However, any future male suitors will have to get their act together before asking her out.The actor, who co-stars with Cyrus on the "Hannah Montana" TV show, has beef with Till's Travis.

Since the show's first season, Miley doubled as a regular teenager and a pop singer named Hannah Montana. Here's a full recap of the episode: *** As the show kicks off, Miley is still undecided.

The show ended its four-season run Sunday night with an episode in which lead character Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) had to choose between attending college with her best friend Lilly or making a movie in Paris.

She initially chose Paris, but reconsidered and joined Lilly in college as the show ended.

"And I'm sure it's probably a little hard, but we're actors. " Check out everything we've got on "Hannah Montana: The Movie." For breaking news, celebrity columns, humor and more — updated around the clock — visit MTVMovies

We gotta be good at our jobs." Till said there's no problems between him and Gaston. "I didn't see any animosity there for any reason." There is one guy who has an issue: Miley's former onscreen love interest Cody Linley. I'm going to lay the smackdown," he joked to MTV News.

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