When did seth and summer start dating

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After which Marissa and Ryan were forced to leave Harbor School.

Taylor Townsend develops a crush on Seth but realizes that he truly loves Summer and decides to be their friend instead.

Their relationship has had its high and low points, most obviously when Seth abandoned Summer at the end of Season One when he sailed away on The Summer Breeze (a boat named after Summer), or by the fact that they lost their virginities to each other.

The two also having matching toy horses, called Captain Oats and Princess Sparkle.

On the night of his father's 'Man Of The Year' award dinner Seth goes to the Newport Group's office to pick up his dad's designs for the hospital.

While there he smokes a joint and forgets to put it out.

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They started dating after Seth deciding in her favour during a contest for his affection between her and Summer Roberts.

It falls into a trashcan and eventually burns down the building. Seth begins season four in a deep funk after Marissa's death when Ryan moves out of the Cohen house, Summer goes to Rhode Island to begin college at Brown, and Taylor moves to France to study at Sorbonne.

He continuously leaves messages on Summer's answering machine in her dorm room, complaining about Ryan's absence.

Ryan returns home and immediately plans to leave for Mexico to find Volchok.

Seth tries to stop him, but eventually goes along for the ride.

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