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) that turns our phone or tablet into a camera accessible on our home network.When you start up the app, you'll get a preference page where you can set your resolution of your video and photos, set image orientation, create a login and password, and more.For our home router (an Asus brand router), we had to create a virtual server.We named the service something recognizable ("IP Webcam"), picked 80 as our port range, then input the local IP address of our Android device at home.Whether you want to use your webcam to stream your own TV show, vlog, or live feed of your cat, here are a few easy ways to turn your webcam into a high quality live stream. Lots of you wrote in asking how to make your old phone into a surveillance camera.Scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page shows you the "Start server" option.When you start your server, you'll see your camera's output.

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He interrupts his conversation with the camera to chat with viewers, whose messages constantly stream to the right of the video.

Then we inputted the local port and selected TCP as the protocol. Don't forget to check out our large library of projects on this site.

If you want to search for a topic, try this custom search engine.

Try out "Use javascript to update frames in browser" to see your video.

If you'd like to view your camera on another Android device, you can use a web browser or use tiny Cam Monitor FREE for Android.

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