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In 1993, the authors had the privilege of hosting Dr.

Philip Hanawalt, together with his scientific colleague and spouse Dr. Many of us working at the Clare Hall Laboratories at the time took advantage of the opportunity to benefit from Phil Hanawalt's broad perspective of the DNA repair field, his wide interest in many ongoing projects, and his generous willingness to provide advice and comments.

This article discusses the approximately 25 genes added, since the original version of the table was first produced in 2001, and some other revisions.

Although, his visit was technically a sabbatical, he stayed in daily contact with his laboratory and many other pressing duties in the USA, and was also able to visit many colleagues in Europe.

In recognition of his pioneering work and his contribution towards the training of many European scientists, Phil Hanawalt was elected in 2002 as an Associate Member of the European Molecular Biology Organization.

is a type of phosphotransferase that transfers a phosphate group from ATP to a substrate.

A phosphorylase is a type of phosphotransferase that catalyzes the addition of a phosphate group from an inorganic phosphate (HPO4) to a substrate.

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