Updating wii argon chip

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Installing Wii chip-clips is another way of doing Nintendo Wii U mod.

This type of installation makes it easier to protects the physical drive from damages caused by improper installation of Wii mod-chips.

The practice of modding or Jailbreaking increased in popularity as CD writing and copying equipment and services became available.

Modding can be done on virtually all game console system and smartphones.

( Go to Wii disc channel and press eject 3 times to load configuration menu) Can disable Drive Key via the config menu - stealth operation Config option to autoboot Wii discs (insert the disc, the game will load immediately!Initiating a Wii u mod can also be done through software modding much like Datel’s Freeloader in early 2008.Wii U mod-chips that modify consoles through software could be counteracted with manufacturer re-designs involving new firmware.Este chip es esclusivo para wii al contrario que el infectus. Es posible comprar un programador por unos 15 € para poder actalizarlo mediante un cable usb, debido a los bugs de la version de serie es importante actualizarlo.El esquema es el mismo asi que a falta de argon puede instalarse el infectus por el momento.

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