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I found an answer in a different discussion that I think is quite relevant but it doesn't provide enough information for me to know exactly what to do with it.In short, how do I use AJAX, in congruence with j Query and Cold Fusion, to update the database without the need for a save/submit button?Updating a database record is a three-step process that involves a bit more work that just inserting a new record.The first step in the process is to identify the record to be updated; there are two ways to handle this task.

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On the main page, I now have a simple j Query AJAX post call: You need some kind of button to change the rankings of the options, right?

CLARIFICATION: I should have clarified that the user can rate the items - not rank. Instead, each item can be rated on a scale from 1-5.

Currently I'm basing everything off of ".change()" when the user makes a selection in the drop-down.

Now I'm getting a POST error (302 Moved Temporarily) and a GET error (403 Forbidden).

So, again, something stupid on my part I'm [email protected] where is this page? You can also make this function do some sort of error reporting.

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