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Du Bois gathered his data by creating profiles on 21 different online dating services, across every zip code in America.

This allowed him to browse some 19 million people’s dating profiles. To analyze the words they used to describe themselves.

If you look downtown near Washington Square Park, you’ve got “voice” — as in “Village Voice.” Sometimes, though, the words don’t really make sense.

You’ve got words like “cowardice,” “combustible” and “insubordinate” — they just pop up because more than one person in that zip code used that word in their profile.

While this seems like a good problem to have, it’s often a reason women stop online dating.

It almost becomes a full-time job to sort through dozens of messages every day — just to find one that proves the person actually read your profile that doesn’t start with “Hey baby.” What women need are dating sites that can give them the fun and satisfying experience they’re looking for — while also giving them the filtering options and safety features they need to find their diamond in the rough.

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Du Bois talks us through the renamed country and shows why the keywords he uncovered constitute no less than the map of a population’s soul.Let me tell you, long-distance dating is....my strength. Recently I had all these crazy thoughts about doing an experiment in which I try out different dating sites (even Tinder, the infamous people-swear-by-it-but-I'm-not-convinced-it-wouldn't-make-me-feel-like-a-cheap-piece-of-meat app) and then blog about my preconceived notions and whether or not they were proven true.I don't know, that blog experiment is still up for debate.I think that for online or real life, knowing what you want and staying true to it is critical. I didn't see the talk, but I think it is a numbers game to some extent but what she says about 2 or 3 dates isn't being picky, more common sense.I think he can determine chemistry or lack thereof on a first date, but another meeting can help shier people come of their shells or nervous people settle their energies.

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