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The venerable beach bar has ranked among the very best seaside watering holes in the Caribbean since it opened in 1998, benefiting from an ideal location on Stocking Island, just a half-mile from George Town’s hotels and highly-trafficked marina.

Locals, billionaire megayacht owners, celebrities, and fun-seekers of every stripe venture here for the truly authentic Out Islands vibe. Chat ‘n’ Chill hosts a major pig roast every Sunday starting a noon.

It’s all ramshackle in all the best ways – a scoundrel atop every bar stool, all manner of discarded clothing hanging from the rafters, strong drinks in every glass, booming laughs breaking through an over-amped decidedly Bahamian soundtrack, and not one ego in the place.

Yeah, I LOVED Chat ‘n’ Chill the minute I spied it from the ferry I hopped in George Town just a five-minute ride away.

Each Monday, Heather Hopson (Diary of a First Time Mom), Sheree Adams (Smart N Sassy Mom) and I will tackle hot topics submitted by you, the reader, and agree to disagree. Follow us on Twitter (@Dear Mom Diary, @Moms NCharge, @Smart NSassy Mom) & Facebook. Well, I got an occasional smack on the rear or arm, but nothing that made me want to call the police. She understands right and wrong and will scream Bloody Mary if she has to sit on the couch on a time out. My daughter and Dora are BFF’s, so that’s hard for her…LOL. Sheree: Christine, that sounds like a bad joke with no punchline. But, as a mom, now…I believe in the punishment should fit the crime. There’s a BIG difference between discipline and abuse. I hate to see a child hit another child, and then the parent steps in and hits her kid and says we don’t hit. And I hate when folks want to pull out scripture to use against me. My spankings as a child did not turn me into a violent person, far from it.His mom kept demanding, "Stop it." Suddenly, the palm of her hand exploded against his backside — not once, but in rapid-fire motion, eliciting a burst of tears that turned into all-out wails.My daughter and I were horrified, as it appeared almost everyone in line appeared to be too.We’ll take turns hosting the Mamas Mashup on our individual sites and dish about everything from spanking and breastfeeding to co-sleeping and homeschooling. Don’t forget to use this hashtag so that we can actually see and reply to your comments. You can also email your topic ideas to [email protected]: I just read an article recently and the title just sounded ridiculous to me: Spanking your kids could affect your child’s vocabulary down the road. If that’s the case then I should be illiterate right now. I mean seriously, if that were the case, I would be a MUTE. My kids are extremely well behaved (seriously, ask anyone or come babysit if you don’t believe me), so the tail pops are few and far in between. If you spare the rod, can you still discipline your child in other ways? Sheree: Heather, You’re being irrational to prove your point. I think we’re in an age where people coddle their kids a little too much, barely or rarely disciplining them (even when they need to), and then wonder why they’re out of control when they grow up? Is it okay to give your kids an occasional spanking when they get out of control?Heather: Belts are meant to wear not meant to beat your child with. Heather: Once when I was at a shopping mall, I saw this woman take off her shoe and beat her son. You don’t have a sippy cup or Pull-Ups either, do you? Or are you the one that’s calling CPS on the parent that’s simply disciplining their child?

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