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These types of female characters are intelligent, beautiful and can often kick plenty of ass, but they also tend to be critically naive and supposedly need a man to guide and, ahem, “instruct” them in the ways of love.Yet as Wonder Woman shows, Diana is more mature and astute than your average cinematic heroine, and doesn't need that kind of help from anybody.We may laugh at their awkward conversation, but it does underscore some of our traditional sexual hang ups.Why can’t people lie next to each other merely just to sleep?Heck, she is 800 years old after all, so she's had plenty of time for some recreational experimentation on Themyscira.Sexual self-sufficiency is pretty forward-thinking for a woman in the early 20th Century; and her modern ideas don't stop at just masturbation.

It's touches like this that ensure that Diana is strong, well-rounded character that isn't defined by her sexual prowess or her combat skills; she has plenty of wit and heart as well.And if marriage is so prized, why does it make so many people unhappy?Wonder Woman has long been an icon of strong femininity in the male-dominated medium of comic books, and now the #superhero movie genre.We might laugh at how Steve reacts to being broadsided by this information, but beneath the laughter, there’s an undercurrent of something more.After all, the fact that specifically men are labelled as unnecessary is very telling; though Clio’s fictional teachings are at odds with scholars of the time period, it’s heavily implied that Diana is pretty self-sufficient where sexual pleasure is concerned.

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