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Base Ball Match for a pr:2e, between the strongest picked nines In town. The advice of " tlird Lover" in re questing lathers of young boy 1 to instruct ihem what birds to shoot and what birds not to shoot appears to the writer most ill advised. „ shoot, especially when it coma to differ worms which destroyed the leaves of the' , , ' , . , trees, and there was not a single tree on Boston Common that appeared better glad' to announce I than |h( mm dc Vt Matitt tree that can be found in Winchester which has been at tacked bv the brown tail moths.

Hut to be more specific, " Bird Lnver " advocates the destruction of certain birds, amongst which is the Kng! :s to jo years a 40 the city accumulate in the globes over night " This is only a partial quotation Irom the report referred 10, but it would pay any interested person, and especially persons prejudiced against the English sparrow to carefully read the testimony of these eminent scientists who have carefully watched the beneficial oper ; anoiisoflhese little birds, an 1 can testify I personally to the araouni of good they art doing.

and ditlvrentiating between the desti ction ci young *P«I rows and the oilu-r brown 1 oaled little birds which gladden Slid protect our woods and homes. Surely Ihe town should not attempt to pay such a bill ul expense out of the public treas- ury. What to do Until the Doctor Arrives RXPt Ssl s Salaries Sias- m Rent 6co co Furniture ami repairs S4 Fuel am!

Fven this year's generous appropri ation for the tree department would not be one one-hundredth part large enough to cover the cost. lighl i Ss 1 ; Educational iiept 6S 00 Physical 1 1 j 37 3-1 '5 The members of William I'atkiii-.n Lodge F.

(If the other birds which H"' kly learned that they are secure, and work and introduce other tiranchr- I feed on the larvae, the yellow throated *«« is no small boy to go around with the Revised Laws I'hetr ritumar.

writes me that they carried this out Chelsea's Board of Health wrote tint they sent notices to owners whenever complaint was lodged, and with good r« suits.

Arrangements are all Made for an Inter- esting Observance. Singing of the Star Spangled Banner by Miss Mary Ogllvie of Boston. Pines and all oilier conifers will be killed by the very first stripping. Agreements have been signed for sale and purchase of a new house built by Mr F.

In view of tlie fact of the calamity that has befallen Winchester, in company with its neighboring towns, by the brown tail moth pest, I Suggested to lathers oi families that they apply at the offices of the State Board of Agriculture, in the State House. for a copy of the report or the brown tail moth, and if the young idea w\re thoroughly edu eaten into the methods ir.d mules of ridding even their own back yards Cli this ctangetd US peat, more good would be done, and more thorough work ac comphshed than 1'.- boy lould possibly do by handling a gun. Iter and his • Social of unrestricted 1 lot The Tree Warden has statutory power to enter any private lands lor the purpose ol suppressing insect pests, but he has no power to assess the cost upon lb • owner T his is the weakness ol that law.

1 take serious issue with him for what 1 consider misguided leal in this matter I am also a bird lover, hut I would not advocate the killing of any bird, because I believe they , are created for a very good, all w ise and sufficient purpose.

There is one department of our wyrk which has made a distinct gain I tu the physical work, as will be sei the report ot our able physical direc- ' Mr San ford. Finn m uf thk Star : fn last week's St A II I read the article which appeared relating to the so-called ptoteciioii of birds, and s:gned " Bird Lover '' Whilst I do not doubt the well meaning ol the writer of that article.

tlurc is nothing living or moving that comes wit Inn his ran ire called English sparrow was at this time , t * .

To begin with, fathers do not usually have the time to devote to leach- ing the young American Idea how to Boston wis devisted by a pest » , ... The so met :n by ' entiaiing between shooting English sparrows, linnets and kindred birds of about the same color and appearance, and it is a well known fact if you give a boy a gun.

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