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Denied the only reliable access to their land, a lawsuit claims, they lost oil royalties to Hindes.

While the suit remains active, demanding financial relief and access to a road, it no longer claims a specific monetary amount in lost royalties. FOWLERTON - Back in Vietnam, Mike Bostwick and his recon partner each took a bullet in the lung from the same enemy soldier."The oil boom has created a lot of headaches," said Frank Plocek, 69, who has lived a few miles from the contested road most of his life. Fields of onions, cotton and fruit trees drew migrant workers to a region known as the Winter Garden.As the population grew, surveyors mapped outlines for nearly two dozen towns, assigning names like Gardendale, Farmington and Artesia Wells."So it's one of the most vague terms that high school and college students use." "I always thought it meant definitely having sex, you're telling me it doesn't mean that," Chen said."No, that's what a lot of adults think and sometimes college students themselves are confused," Bogle said "But when you actually look at the research, a lot of times it means far less than sex, sometimes just kissing.""Why is this happening that they're not dating, just kind of maybe randomly kissing someone and not leading to any dates?

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