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Angie Harmon: Yeah Sasha Alexander: Where there’s an honesty about it. Sasha Alexander: [returned mocking voice] They’re shiny! Sasha Alexander: Well I think that it’s not only affecting her, but it’s effecting Jane because we start off the season, and Maura’s not so happy. There’s just a lot that we’re learning about Hope and Paddy and their history and Paddy’s… Sasha Alexander: Yeah Angie Harmon: Because we have to, you know, obviously we have to solve the case and put away this person that we’ve been after for years, but we all love her [nods to Sasha] immensely, and, so, we’re trying to sort of delicately…

and she’s in the bathroom, and I actually had said to Janet [Tamaro] at one point that I for this. We’re right dead center of the season, so the Casey relationship since season one, and we’re wondering what effect that’s going to have on Maura as far as how she interacts with her environment and the other people around her as her family has grown and gone nuts. Paddy Doyle’s on trial, and that opens up a lot of mysteries, a lot more for the detectives to solve.

I really thought that the revolving door of Law & Order would sort of going.” “I would sit in my dressing room and stuff my envelopes with my save the date cards and my wedding invitations,” said Harmon who is married to former football player Jason Sehorn; the couple has three daughters.

But now there is Jane Rizzoli for Harmon to concentrate on. It’s been a fun time playing her humor and playing her attitude. And you know she’s a complete tomboy and that’s very different from me.

Sasha Alexander: Now, how did you get the name AUS… Lori: AUSXIP Angie Harmon: AUSXIP Sasha Alexander: AUSXIP…

Angie Harmon: Okay, because I was like you [points to Lori] were the one on Aucks…pix? Liv: We were wondering, what darker aspects of your character would you like to see better represented?

“I hadn’t read Tess’ books until we started playing the characters and now I’m obsessed.

“Here I am shooting the history of these two characters and I’m reading their future.

You’re sitting here watching these two characters live, but if you know the books you know what happens to them before they know what happens to them,” said Harmon, who added that the series does not always follow the novels’ storylines.

Sasha Alexander: So I think its fun because of that real, personal stuff.

When it comes to bringing criminals to justice, the new TNT series Rizzoli & Isles takes the same approach as just about every other TV cop drama.

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