Plies dating brandy

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The music veteran recently shared snippets of new music on her Snapchat.❤️❤️❤️Yooooo @4everbrandy is bout to unleash what everyones been missing!His own career began when his brother secretly recorded Plies’ rhyming while he was coaching one of their clients.Big Gates promoted the single to the point where his brother was offered to sign a contract with Slip-n-Slide Records in Miami.

We all know artists don’t make much money from albums anymore, so they have to make their money someway right?

“I cant stand you nomore” 🙌🏽 Im loving all of the different sounds shes giving us! #Brandy101 #Brandy Norwood #Brandy #Slayana #The Vocal Bible #Vocal Bible #Snapchat #Brandy On Snapchat #Slayana University [👻The Next Brandy] SWIPE LEFT A post shared by Slayana University (@4everbrandy101) on It seems as though Brandy is making music her main focus, so fans should be excited for what Brandy has in the works.

Hopefully, she’ll drop a release date on a new project soon; we’ll definitely stay tuned!

Although most experts and observers regarded Plies as a perspective football player, he did not see himself playing football in ten years and decided to pursue career in music, which eventually boosted Plies net worth to 18 million dollars.

Algernod’s professional career began in the late 90s, when the would-be rapper and his step brother nicknamed Big Gates decided to start a private recording company.

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