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It's mostly to protect in case they are stolen, and I trust her completely, but people don't need to have total access to every detail about each other."GIRLS SAY: "I had an old boyfriend's email password, which he'd given to me so I could help him with some work remotely, and I ended up abusing it and reading his emails.

He wasn't doing anything bad, but I felt guilty. SITUATION: Facebook Relationship Status RULE: To each his own, but don't bother everyone with your constantly changing heart icon.

He's also not allowed to call his parents, sister, or any family member for at least 20 minutes, and he has to be fully clothed."9.

SITUATION: Phones on a Dinner Date RULE: Whether you're texting a friend or replying to your boss' email, one thing's clear: Make it quick.

Never write about personal moments, or post private pictures.

SITUATION: Checking In on Foursquare RULE: It really depends on how out there you want to be.SITUATION: Exchanging Passwords RULE: Bad idea, period.Yes, some couples seem to be fine with using a mutual Facebook account (that's weird, people) or, less harmlessly, the same computer with all its cookies and search histories.SITUATION: Gchat Status RULE: Busy, Available, Invisible—use caution!You should only be visible to contacts with whom you have a substantial relationship, friendly or romantic. The few times I've gone green, girls from the past pop out of the woodwork and chat me up, which can be fun, but is usually just awkward."GIRLS SAY: "I always play the Gchat-mindfuck game: Stay visible to see who chats with me.

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