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He said he hoped the exhibition would attract a wide audience to the gallery.

"Comics are very immediate, accessible, instantly engaging," he said.

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They are about my own memories."All of the things in my paintings are real things. "They are about love, they are about relationships, they are about me bringing up my children on my own because I'm a widow.

"I think there are a lot of relationships between my work and comics, it's just that my work is made to be displayed in a gallery."Comic Tragics is at the Art Gallery of Western Australia from April 9 until July 25 and entry is free.

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"I talk about identity a lot, I talk about sex a bit, and I talk about things that are close to my heart."Parrish, 26, works at a literary magazine, does designs work and makes books, T-shirts and badges with her artwork — she is constantly keeping busy in order to make a living as an artist.We are a happily married couple of 30 years that love the chance to enjoy ourselves with a similar couple . I am a fun loving person with lots to offer the right Single Straight Males and .Clean and well presented professionals who know how to have a good time with others . I enjoy all the great offerings the lifestyle can give.Her works consist of words and multiple images on canvas."I wanted there to be not only one image, I wanted there to be lots of images and for them to be direct drawings that tell [a story] about my life and the things that I am thinking about," she said."So sometimes there are texts from my own writing and sometimes there are quotes from other places."They [the paintings] are all about the experience of being alive.

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