Outlook calendar not updating time zone

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Leaving the Time Zone Context out of the header of the Update Item does not solve the issue (and from what I understand in Time Zone Context documentation I use it).I need to use Meeting Time Zone for backward compatibility to Exchange Server 2007 SP1 (for later versions Meeting Time Zone is deprecated and we should use Start Ime Zone/End Time Zone).I can view calendar events just fine, and the calendar syncs with my Google Account bi-directionally without issue.When I create a calendar event, the "time zone" option defaults to my current time zone, "GMT -4, Eastern Standard Time", just like it did on Android 2.2.The Business Impact Statement is used to demonstrate how important the request we’re making is and how much the current design is crippling your business." and "Nothing can be done in Mac Outlook to change this.This same design is also in Mac Outlook 2011 and the design didn’t change when Mac Outlook 2016 released." If you're connecting Outlook to O365, rather than an Exchange server, check the settings in your account's webmail.If I save the event without adjusting it back down, the next time I edit it it will say pm.This happens regardless of whether the event was originally created on the phone, or if it was created on my desktop PC by visiting

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I've experimented with different settings but I haven't been able to figure out how to make this go away. I had a problem with a secondary calendar which sounds similar. I went into the calendar and made sure all of them were set to my time zone. Fixing the time zone for the one calendar fixed the issue. If you’re interested we could submit a design change request with the PG on this. When we filed a bug report with MS we got the following: "The product group has received lots of feedback on this.I unchecked the box that said "use home time zone" after setting time to my zone. I have only had my android for a week and have not traveled out of this time zone.I probably just checked the box not realizing what havoc it would cause!

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