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While some historians cite complex causes for Apartheid, most people in the general public simply believe racism was the root of the institution.While racism did factor into later practices of Apartheid, racism was merely a byproduct of the social and cultural effects of the institution....The National Party’s classification of “race” was loosely based on physical appearance and lineage....

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The ratio of races has not changed much over the years.For without a defined sense of unity, a society is likely to crumble.Unfortunately, as seen throughout history, civilization has often made it their mission to seek out the differences in one another instead of accepting them.Today, South Africa (which is twice the size of Texas) is home to some 50-million people; 79.5% African, 11.5% Coloured and Indian/Asian and 9% are white ("South Africa's population," 2012.) Not unlike many European countries, South Africa has a history dating back to the 1600’s that is rooted in crimes against humanity....[tags: South Africa Apartheid Essays] - Thesis Statement: Apartheid may have been a horrible era in South African history, but only so because the whites were forced to take action against the outrageous and threatening deeds of the blacks in order to sustain their power.

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