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“[He] might as well be my brother,” Cam later said.They skipped school, smoked pot, played and surfed porn sites, but, despite frequent acting out, were never perceived as a serious threat.On this evening, as on so many others, he was hanging out with his best friend, Cameron Moffat, a burly 17-year-old goth. “She was bullied throughout her life,” her mother recalls. She would panic navigating the swarm of students in the hallways at school.But, like many kids his age, Kruse spent as much of his time with friends online as he did in person. Her parents tried to medicate her, but this only “zombied her out,” her mother said.While Kruse was wiry and intelligent, Cam was a hulking slow learner who suffered from A. He was increasingly menacing at school too, bringing a knife to class.Kruse was the one kid who seemed to understand him.For a while, Kim dated Zach, another member of the group, who was particularly friendly with Kruse. “It wasn’t a nickname it was an insult,” he explained. I still do but now I know how people work and [what] makes them tick so It’s easy enough to put on a mask and play pretend.” When Kruse wrote of being “violent and explosive,” she replied with an “lol.”“You’re too good Kim,” he wrote to her one day, “you trust in people too much.”Offline, Kruse’s and Cam’s lives were growing increasingly dark. They experimented with drinking blood and bodily fluids.But, like many high-school romances, Kim’s affair with Zach was short-lived—he called it off after a few months. Friends reported hearing Cam screaming at his family at home, and Kruse, still living alone with his mother, was resistant to any supervision at all.

During one chat, Kruse told Kim he felt more open around her than other people. “BURN HER FLESH.”“Y not keep her bound and alive,” Cam suggested.“That’s what I’m going to do but I need to get her stoned first and possibly seduce her.”“Lol, try quickly.”Later that morning, Kim was still in bed when her mother kissed her good-bye before going to work, and told her she loved her. The day before, Kim had found out she had enough credits to graduate from high school, and she was looking forward to hopefully volunteering at the local wild-animal-rehabilitation center, Wild arc.Kruse had been involved in a variety of incidents—from smoking pot to stealing money from mailboxes—by the time he was 16. A psychiatric report later revealed that Cam had been sexually abused at age four (although it was not publicly revealed by whom).Kruse and Cam met in fifth-grade art class when they bonded over their mutual disdain of a teacher. As a child, Cam began jumping out his bedroom window at night until it was barred. He began lashing out at home and cutting himself to relieve stress.Around a.m., Kim got off at the exchange, where Kruse and Cam met her.Cam had just finished buying the camp fuel that the boys would later use to set Kim’s body on fire.

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