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Bikini barista stands -- like bikini car washes and bikini landscaping services and bikini sushi spots before them -- are indeed a thing, and they’re all over the Pacific Northwest, with the greatest concentrations in the Seattle, Portland, Tacoma, Spokane, and metro areas.

One site,, features locations for 56 separate businesses with a combined 123 locations. With names like Twin Perks, Peek A-Brew, Sips Ahoy, Java Jigglers, and Hot Chick a Latte, these shacks-with-a-view are vying with Starbucks for their share of the grab-and-go coffee business.

The kiosk is snug, thanks to a whirring space heater, and smells of espresso and Mandy's Love Addict body spray.

The floors inside are elevated, and there are two fully functioning drive-thru windows, giving customers a clear view of the 29-year-old’s tanned physique, sparkling belly chain, and pansy-and-ivy tramp stamp.

As the owner, it's up to her what she wears each day, and all she asks of her employees is that they keep it classy. On my first visit to Hot Bikini Brew the week before, one of Mandy’s baristas, a 20-something blonde, showed up for her shift in a bikini that exactly matched the kiosk itself -- hot pink with blue piping.

Twenty miles west of Portland in the quiet suburb of Hillsboro, OR, 21-year-old Holly helms the morning shift at Dream Girl Espresso, a Seattle Seahawks-colored kiosk nestled between a gentleman’s club and a Mexican restaurant.

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"I've been doing this for three years, and at first it was a little weird, having men stare at me all day," Mandy told me that nippley day in early March, "but I'm used to it now.

With bikini coffee stands, the special is the barista and her outfit, and the girls will post selfies of their daily costumes.

"This is the closest coffee shop to my place," said a man whose Hot Bikini yoosh is a six-shot mocha.

The dark-haired Portland Community College student -- she's majoring in biology, with plans to pursue micro-marine and oceanographic research -- has served as Dream Girl’s manager since January.

"Before I came here, I worked as a barista at a clothed coffee place, and seriously, those customers were so rude," Holly says.

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