No children dating sites

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I have had relationships with women who already have children from previous relationships.

While our time together was great and I experienced things I will always keep with me, I just don’t feel I am ready emotionally to risk becoming attached to children with the risk of possibly of losing them some time after"Women are coming down pretty hard on the OP here.

is an international social club for adult couples and singles who have never had children. We are non-political, non-religious, and do not endorse or oppose any cause.

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it seems to me as I get older, mind you I'm only pushing 30, it seems to me that it is more and more difficult to meet women who do not already have children.

Having children or getting married to the wrong person in your teens or 20s does not make you "grown up".

If the OP wants his first NOT to be with someone who has already "been there and done that" what is so wrong with that?

OP I understand your strife - as it is difficult as you get older - 'cause chances are there are children involved - as well as ex's! It is natural that the older you get, the greater the percentage of people that have children.

All you can do is keep pushing forward and perhaps you will find what you are seeking! If women want to have kids, the window of opportunity is limited to between puberty and early to mid forties.

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