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The Chronicle-Herald ran another story on October 9 titled "UFO Search Called Off," stating that the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) had ended "an intensive undersea search for the mysterious unidentified flying object that disappeared into the ocean here Wednesday night." As to what was found, the RCN stated, "Not a trace... not a bit of anything." The story of the search being called off for an alleged "mysterious" "dark object" was also carried by the Canadian Press in some other Canadian newspapers.

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The initial report was made by local resident Laurie Wickens and four of his friends.

Driving through Shag Harbour, on Highway 3, they spotted a large object descending into the waters off the harbour.

At , the pilots noticed a sizeable silent explosion near the large object; two minutes later, a second explosion occurred which faded to a blue cloud around the object.

Darrel Dorey, his sister Annette, and his mother were sitting on their front porch in Mahone Bay, when they noticed a large object manoeuvring above the southwestern horizon.

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While standing at the wheelhouse of his vessel, Capt.The object was never officially identified, and was therefore referred to as an unidentified flying object (UFO) in Government of Canada documents.The Canadian military became involved in a subsequent rescue/recovery effort.The entire crew of nearly twenty fishermen stood on deck and watched the object in the northeastern sky.Mersey radioed the rescue coordination centre and the harbour master in Halifax asking for an explanation, and filed a report with the Lunenburg RCMP outlining his sighting when they arrived in port.

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