Madras dating

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Madras was originally known as “Madraspatnam” and has a long history stretching back to at least the 2nd century.

The first European traders that established a trading post in the area were Dutch, arriving in 1612.

The weave was simple and loose and rice gruel was used as an adhesive.Since there is not much information about this colorful, plaid summer fabric, it was about time for the Gentleman’s Gazette to dig a little deeper to find out more about Madras.Emma Mc Ginn' src='' width='495' height='400' title='Purple & navy Madras' alt='Purple & navy Madras' / Emma Mc Ginn' src='' width='489' height='400' title='Madras in orange & purple' alt='Madras in orange & purple' / Emma Mc Ginn' src='' width='495' height='400' title='Vintage Bleeding Madras' alt='Vintage Bleeding Madras' /The madras fabric is named after the Indian city of Madras ( now known as Chennai ) from where it first made its way to the west.They traded mainly in the local calico cloth, which was in high demand.The English established themselves in 1626 at a site called Armagon but soon found that the local cloth was of a poor quality and not suitable for export.

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