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One would have to be very honest with ones-self, to determine the reason for the long hair..one truly needs a reason.It is true that the Christian churches I have involved myself with, seem to have a silent shunning of long hair, but this attitude seems to stem from the self righteous and opinionated anyway and this attitude exists everywhere in society. Long hair is yet another thing for them to attack, thereby avoiding their own minds.

Men should not have to shave the back of their neck.

Perhaps there is a school of thought tied into an almost Cromwellian aversion to vanity or some such thing, but I can't really adress that. While I see nothing wrong with a woman covering her head if she wants to, I don’t believe this is a command of God, and I don’t believe the long hair/short hair thing is a command of God, either.

I agree with asb, that they alll had long hair back then, including Jesus!

Long hair is coming back in style and my two teenage boys are growing it down to the shoulders.

They are very popular with the ladies.^^^ I tend to agree, as Paul had many 'suggestions' and advice in his letters, but does not mean all were 'rules from above'.

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