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Selain Rizieq, empat orang lainnya, yakni Firza Husein, Syarifah Fadlun Yahya (istri Rizieq), Muhsin Alatas, dan Kak Ema.Rencananya, pemeriksaan pada panggilan kedua ini akan dilakukan awal Mei 2017.Most unfortunately, we did not solve the football test correctly the first time, so no tea and cookies while waiting.Back on the road, almost the same scenario repeats several times, letting us conclude safely that different Peshmerga officers cheer for different teams which potentially brings more adrenaline toin Iraq.In a moment the silence is struck by a most unexpected question: ‘Real Madrid or Barcelona? Directly confronted by the authorities, it seems pointless to lie in such important matters. The question certainly felt much more benign than ‘Sunni or Shia?’, but maybe we should have thought a bit more carefully before answering – football hooligans know no borders and find short hair and khaki coloured uniforms ‘Marta is, actually, a big fan of Real Madrid….’ The correct answer breaks the ice and we receive back our passports, along with a smile, padding on the shoulder and a bonus – the guard will ‘request’ from a driver going all the way straight to Sulaymaniah to give us a ride."Kemarin beberapa saksi kita panggil, tapi alasannya (tidak hadir) enggak jelas ya.

Rizieq diperiksa sebagai saksi ahli dalam kasus penistaan agama yang diduga dilakukan Ahok.Dikatakan oleh bersangkutan itu sebagai fitnah dan akan menuntut semua yang melakukan fitnah dengan video tersebut," kata Rizieq Shihab.The road curves up and down, sliding through the gigantic still waves of a never-ending sea of mountains, only occasionally interrupted by lonely checkpoints.Instead of fresh converts to the army or police, unable to decide whether to swear allegiance to a corrupt regime installed by imperial powers or to revenge seeking tribal leaders collided with gangs of fanatics, the roads controlled by Erbil are guarded by friendly moustached men happily sheltered by brand new blue cabins, that display their latest western weapons, calmly drowsing next to traffic barriers.Hitchhiking through the spectacular landscapes of the Mesopotamian spring, we are heading south to Sulaymaniah, the second largest town in Southern Kurdistan.

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