Interracial dating crimes

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I would venture a guess that many of those who engage in race mixing are running on the legs of buried anger and frustration, from a helpless, painful childhood where their first mates, their parents, failed them.

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interracial dating crimes-32

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Until the late 1800s there were even laws forbidding mixed is only one way to honestly begin a discussion about interracial marriage. It is contrary to all known laws of physiology, physics, and nature.It should be obvious to any thinking person that he mixture of different peoples, substances, chemicals, races, and even atoms, weakens all its altered parts.The examples that nature gives by its unilateral choices should set the tone for how we think about "physically mixing the most complex of all created things, humans." It is interesting to note that prior to the early 1900s, everyone on earth, with very few exceptions, knew that marriage to one's own racial kind, was the most natural and undisputed of all human traditions.The evidence of this powerful genetic wisdom is seen in the reality that 93% of all those who marry or couple, still do so with a member of their own race.

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