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Smith, Henry Joseph and others, who went on to develop the Mc Gill University Hockey Club.This club is often credited with the development of early professional ice hockey rules and regulations.The National Hockey League, or NHL, is still in existence, and is enjoyed by both individuals living in Canada and other parts of the world.While there have been a number of Canadian hockey players who have been believed to have positively influenced the sport of hockey, Wayne Gretzky is believed to be one of the most famous.Gretzky not only played 20 years within the National Hockey League, but also spent significant amounts of time coaching the sport.He is often referred to by hockey commentators as “The Great One” and “The Best One That Ever Lived.” He continues to hold the record for the most points scored in a professional hockey career, as well as in one individual season.Compared to some other athletic events, ice hockey is considered to be a relatively new sport.In fact, modern hockey—in the form that we recognize today—is most closely associated with a ball and stick game that was developed in northern Canada in the early 19 century.

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Early ice hockey games are believed to have been influenced by both British soldiers who were living in Canada at the time, as well as by members of native Novia Scotian tribes known as Mi’kmaq clan members.

From Nova Scotia, the game spread to other parts of Canada, where it is still enjoyed by a number of Canadian citizens today.

Though hockey is played by many people in the United States, it is even more embraced by citizens living in Canada.

Individuals who are interested in learning more about hockey and its Canadian origins should first understand when and why the sport was developed.

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