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I would think that after last night’s playtime you would learn that you’re not going anywhere… She smiled wickedly at him, “You’re mine now, you’re my property, you fucking belong to me.” he prayed desperately for rescue, and his tears only continued to fall as she released his nipples and slowly stood.

Sarah looked upon her slave and felt her pussy only growing hotter, and wetter.

Sarah held the phone in her left hand with an amused look upon her face as her right hand trailed along the side of the carved wooden armchair in an almost playful manner.

Listening intently, she turned in her seat and as she did so the sun spilling through the window behind her glinted against her long dirty blonde hair as it swept across her forehead.

But a lot would refuse saying that she was homely, chunky, or a,” Butter Face“, the list went on and on.

She knew she was not what most men referred to as attractive, she was not a model by any means, and frankly, she didn’t give a shit anymore.

Like the two million dollar estate that she was currently in.

It had caught her attention one day while browsing the internet rape porn sites, something she did frequently, she had been watching one of her favorite scenes on a favorite site of hers.Sarah is a sick girl looking for a permanent fuck buddy, she decides on a sexslave instead.Richard is a happily married man who catches the attention of the sick and depraved bitch who plans to put him through hell..back, and he may very well lose his mind in the process.Richards’s eyes were dry from the saltiness of all his tears, and there had been many of them during the night. ”, He was desperately trying to figure it all out as the bedroom door slowly opened, and, “She”, stepped through it.Especially when the sick fucking pig had told him that he was her,” Sexslave“, he had screamed his denial vehemently into the ballgag, but her only reaction was to laugh at his distress. He shrank against the vinyl-covered mattress trying to turn his head from her but the three-inch stiff leather and steel padded collar around his neck prevented such movements.

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