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In the US in 2007, Facebook agreed to add safeguards to protect children after New York prosecutors threatened the social networking site with fraud charges for failing to live up to its own safety claims.Under the terms of a settlement, Facebook agreed to place "prominent and easily accessible" hyperlinks throughout its site, enabling the submission of complaints about offensive content or unwelcome contact.Alamak Internet Chat This Java Script-based chat service allows you to join in with the crowd or make private chat rooms.Bla Bla Bla Bla is an online community at the heart of which sits a thriving chat room.The operator must then have a clear internal process for dealing with complaints received.We recommend that operators provide a link on each page of the website which clearly directs users to the process for reporting inappropriate content.Further, Facebook agreed that it must respond to and begin addressing such complaints within 24 hours and must report to the complainant the steps it has taken to address the complaint within 72 hours.

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When a site is moderated, either before content appears or shortly thereafter, the operator of the site assumes responsibility for the material that appears.

The only condition is that the operator provides a process for removing offending content expeditiously upon being made aware of it.

The process for the removal of content will in most cases involve a clear, easy-to-use facility on the site by which users can report inappropriate content to the operator.

Find public and members-only chat rooms in the dozens, where titles will give you a good idea of the kind of discussion each encourages.

Chat Planet This is an enormous and popular megasite that houses hundreds of chat rooms that it can direct you to by topic.

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