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The SRV record is used to map the name of a service (in this case, the LDAP service) to the DNS computer name of a server that offers that service.In a Windows 2000 network, an LDAP resource record locates a domain controller.Target The fully qualified domain name of the host computer.The following example illustrates the combined information that is contained in A resource records and SRV resource records.

However, an interesting question occurred as a follow-up to that article: can we do the same with Postgre SQL? It’s all looking slightly different from the Rethink DB example, but the good news is that thanks to the power of Ecto the code we just wrote will work with a great number of database engines having Ecto adapters. What’s good as well is that if you start your Phoenix server based on this channel code and open in two browser tabs, you’ll see that the changes you make in one tab get the other one instantly updated. Well, not exactly, since these real-time updates are based on the fact that we have a single Phoenix server acting as a hub for all our changes and having all the clients listening to the same topic.This operation is expected to be infrequent; it occurs only when the . All Windows 2000 Server–based domain controllers that are running an RFC 1510–compliant Kerberos KDC service register this SRV record. The client would pick one of the returned records to select a domain controller, as described in "A DNS RR for specifying the location of services (DNS SRV)." For more information about this draft, see the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) link on the Web Resources page at .For information about the Kerberos v5 authentication protocol and Kerberos subprotocol extensions, see "Authentication" in this book.Weight A load-balancing mechanism that is used when selecting a target host from those that have the same priority.Clients randomly choose SRV records that specify target hosts to be contacted, with probability proportional to the weight Port Number The port where the server is listening for this service.

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