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Kevin Anderson on RSR discussing findings in molecular biology.

Nonetheless, these Darwinist researchers have been the target of derision and even anger from secular scientists, many of whom have been in denialthe excitement that dinosaur soft tissue generated among young earth creationists, the response from evolutionary quarters has ranged from simply ignoring and overlooking this, the greatest discovery in the history of paleontology (as by the Smithosonian's dinosaur expert Brian Switek and Phys.org), to the dismissal of this research (as by the UK's Prof.We therefore used sensitive molecular imaging, supported by multiple independent analytical tests, to demonstrate that the filamentous epidermal appendages in a new specimen of the Jurassic paravian Anchiornis comprise remnant eumelanosomes and fibril-like microstructures, preserved as endogenous eumelanin and authigenic calcium phosphate. unequivocally determine that melanosomes can be preserved in fossil feathers.Mass Spectrometry and Antibody-Based Characterization of Blood Vessels from Brachylophosaurus canadensis by Timothy Cleland, Mary Schweitzer, et al.melanosome-like microbodies preserved in association with fossil plumage have been used to reconstruct original colour...However, these putative ancient melanosomes might alternatively represent microorganismal residues, a conflicting interpretation compounded by a lack of unambiguous chemical data.

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