Dating of jesus crucifixion

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He appears to have been beaten more than the two others who were crucified. Time was now short, and there was pressure to get on quickly with the crucifixion.If someone were to carry our Lord’s cross for Him, they would get to Golgotha more quickly.A significant component in “Dating the Birth of Jesus Christ” was the proposition that Jesus died at Passover in the early spring of AD 30.While this dating is widely accepted, a minority of scholars disagree.

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Thus, they think they must sort through all of the Gospels, picking and choosing (and sometimes even modifying an account), in an attempt to discern the “truth” from the New Testament Gospels.

A great deal of historical and scriptural evidence suggests otherwise, however, and this study demonstrates, with some degree of certainty, that Jesus did in fact die in AD 30, on the eve of Passover, the 14th day of the Jewish month Nisan, which in that year fell on April 6 in the old Julian calendar.

This study also presents evidence that the day on which Jesus died was not a Friday, but the fifth day of the Jewish week, the day we call Thursday.

This paper introduces a great deal of data to support the author’s conclusions, including modern scholarly assessments, original primary historical references, citations from the New Testament and the Mishnah, astronomical information, and tables that display the timing of events.

This week the impeachment trial of William Jefferson Clinton continues, and the case now appears to rest on the testimony of four witnesses: Monica Lewinsky, Sidney Blumenthal, Vernon Jordan, and U. There are some scholars who approach the Gospels in a similar fashion.

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