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It has a Subtropical–Mediterranean climate with very mild winters and warm to hot summers. Meeting nice single men in Malta can seem hopeless at times — but it doesn't have to be!Malta is known as being one of the world's smallest and most densely populated countries.

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I want to see more places where people can meet up; more people who can have a conversation; more conversation that does not revolve around how much money you made the day before; more women who talk about what they do, rather than listen like idiots; more idiots who stay at home; and more homes for the idiots.

There are a lot of decent men and women out there who, like me, are looking for people who are attractive, cultured, fun and not self-absorbed. You can blame fate and destiny for the fact you’ve never bumped into them, you can blame your mother or father for ruining your childhood and turning you into someone who always strives for bigger and better, but the truth is very simple: without the right dating scene, you will never meet the right people.

Dating at forty is already difficult enough as it is, but the system is a vicious cycle that creates more singletons who are desperate; not because they’re fed up of being single, but because they can’t find anyone worth not being single for.

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Single and ready to mingle I have a very romantic height.

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