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Q: What is the compatibility between 10speed and 11speed?

It is to gain these drillings that the bodies of these mid-range ergolevers need to be changed for the Record / Chorus items.

All the information that we offer has to fall withing Campanolo's technical specification and published advice.

We would specifically advise against the use of non-circular chainrings of any type (ie Rotor Q rings or Osymmetric rings) with Campagnolo front derailleurs - front shift function will always be impaired and there may be knock-on damage effects on the front derailler and in some cases the left-hand shifter.

Q: Can I mix Campagnolo and "Brand X" components - will it work?

A: Whilst there are many occasions when a variety of vendors will mix Campagnolo and other manufacturer's parts, Campagnolo are quite specific in their advice that all Campagnolo parts are designed to work as an integrated system.

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