Daniel christopher allison and monica potter dating

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I’ll take Molly to see a movie that the boys are just not into at all.

And she can’t watch certain things that they watch.” Using Even though she doesn’t get to take her kids to the movies, Potter accepts that the time will come when her children will start going to the cinema with significant others.

There was no point in this film where I had to get covered in blood, or cry over the body of someone, or pull someone out of a muddy bog.’'I did used to worry about him when I was younger – I felt scared for him because of all the drugs and the lifestyle. star, 40, says that varying tastes for the screen is the toughest part about having three kids with a large age gap between them.Ranging from her college-aged Danny, 21, to teen Liam, 17, to 6½-year-old Molly, Potter tells PEOPLE, “What makes me sad is that I can’t get them all to see the same movie unless it’s something we can all relate to.For example, she posed for Maxim magazine back in 2011, wearing only black underwear. She looks still gorgeous today, although she’s 46 years old mother of three.In 2017, Potter joined the main cast of a new TV show Wisdom of the Crowd.

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