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“We will be encouraging other groups to get together like this, with all parties involved,” says Liz.

“Of course there will always be free spirits who like to dip in and out of sessions and locations, who do not want to be attached to any one group and that is fine. ” The Core Team is also putting together guidelines to give structure to key areas such as recruitment, child safety, communication, roles and responsibilities of co-ordinators as the Granny Cloud expands to different locations (including a consistent recruitment and training policy) and dealing with the media.

Denise at the Korakati Sin C lab during Convention Week 2016 This week we catch up with Liz Fewings, one of the members of the Granny Cloud Core Team, to talk about its origins and what the future holds.

Liz, a self-confessed ‘cloudaholic’, has been part of this project since 2009, when it first began.

The Core Team usually gets together on Skype once a week to discuss issues, new applications and ways forward, but usually communicates on a daily basis as well using whatsapp, email or Facebook.“Facebook is where we support each other, share new ideas, get glimpses of the centres and keep up to date with what is happening,” says Liz.“Posts are monitored by the Core Team so that if someone is in distress or there is a technical problem, we can quickly respond.Like many others, she responded to an article in The Guardian newspaper in the UK which asked for retired teachers to volunteer an hour each week to talk with children in India.“Back then we were a small band of English men and women, many of whom had never even heard of this strange thing called Skype, let alone actually used it,” says Liz.

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