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The 2017 CMT Music Awards are just about to begin with your favorite artists coming together at the Music City Center.

While there is plenty of excitement surrounding all of the nominations, event organizers promise several one-of-a-kind collaborations.

He said he also planned to reach out to local restaurants and vendors to invite them to participate.

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These are the benefits of a clear plexiglass floor, you see. The video screens that were used so effectively for visual songs like “Two Black Cadillacs” were a glaring distraction for much of the show, with random patterns that looked more like late nineties Windows screen savers than anything else.

Transitional interludes featured some interesting animation, but it was interrupted by glamour shots of Underwood, as if they were afraid we’d forget about her while she was changing costumes backstage.

But the opening and closing projections centered around “Blown Away” were executed brilliantly, among the best I’ve seen in an arena show.

But the show didn’t hit its stride until the second section, when she surprised the audience with the appearance of a choir from local elementary school P. The arena felt as intimate as a sitting room as she sang “Temporary Home”, which seemed to have her on the verge of tears by the third verse.

After a few more hits, the show peaked with an ingenious third act that had Underwood floating above the audience on a moving platform. It solved a few arena show dilemmas at once, keeping the entire audience riveted while the artist sang unfamiliar album cuts.

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