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He was still dressed up from the MI3 premier (where I saw him on the red carpet earlier).He was walking with another dapper gentleman and they looked happy and were talking despite the drizzling rain. At the Alice in Wonderland statues in Central Park ran into Lisa Kudrow kid.Also spotted Gina Gershon paying Drea de Matteo a visit at her table...Drea looked much prettier in person, or at least in the dim light.

He was tall and might I say sexy, with salt and pepper grey hair poking out from his black baseball cap.She had some goofy hat on, but was not playing the usual coy celeb schtick—she was boisterous and going up to check on her order every 5 minutes and yelling about napkins, etc. It was good to see a celeb not getting special treatment—hell yeah shake shack!Maggie Gyllenhaal carrying the Saarshaal fetus in a Gwen Stefani LAMB sweatshirt on a bodega run on Hudson Street.Just saw John Malkovich in the lobby of the News Corp building (1211 6th Ave.) at 9am. Sans make-up, wearing what looked like linen slacks and a skimpy blouse, and a hat really big sunglasses.We made eye contact as he was exiting through the revolving doors. She's fugly and waved some fans away "I'm with my child for God's sake!

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