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You can also configure it to take screenshots on desirable interval or on each mouse click and "Enter" key.With this program you can get an activity log of what is going on your computer. You can configure it not to show up in the add/remove programs menu, start menu or the task bar.5) In General settings screen check the Hide program tray icon box to hide the icon near the clock.6) In General settings screen press the Delete help file button.After you hide the icon, you still be able to open the Keylogger by typing your Keylogger Password in any application you want.* Most of these settings are already set by default.We do not have any remote access or any access whatsoever to your computer.

If you have further questions we have included a support form below.

If your SMTP requires authentication, you should enter login name and password. Most common are: 1) Your firewall blocks it (Try to disable it for the Test and see if that is the problem). You can try to use your ISP SMTP (ISP = Internet Service Provider - the one you pay your internet bill to).

If you do not know your ISP SMTP address then you can ask your ISP or look here to find your ISP SMTP.

You may find the answers to you question on our Keylogger Installation Tutorial, on our Online Help site, or you can download All In One Keylogger help file, to view it offline.

All In One Keylogger is an invisible surveillance tool that records every keystroke (including passwords) to an encrypted log file.

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