5 dating mistakes men make

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For example: Men will lean into a woman’s personal space, and ask, “so do you like me?” or constantly change his opinion to seek her approval and make her like him. Ironically, it’s leaning back, staying cool and calm, being a little cheeky, interesting, mysterious and comfortable with yourself that actually gets a woman’s attention and keeps her interested.Listen to what a woman is talking about and ask questions based on what she is saying.It’s the way to get engaged in a conversation, and will eventually flow naturally. This results in chit chat and small talk which many women find boring.Serious.” MISTAKE #3 — CONDUCTING AN INTERVIEW When men become “Mr.Serious” they often fall into “job interview conversation mode.” Make sure you reserve questions like, “So where do you work? ” for the future, after you’ve already had a lot of fun and made the sparks fly.

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It is a wise man who cultivates the habit of paying compliments to the women in his life.

And while dinners and movies are nice, it’s really hard to leave a great impression in these settings. Because they set a very “proper tone” that’s hard to turn into fun and playful.

And unless you’re a super funny, intelligent and interesting guy, dinner and movie dates just aren’t the best place to take your date.

Why do men change their behavior around women, often without even realizing they’re doing it?

Because they fear losing their only chance with the girl of their dreams, they try and play the safe side, which results in a “Mr.

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