4cam liwe

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I personally still like to stick to the well known suppliers as some places have bad batches of cameras and some people just have terrible experiences in general.

One of the places a few people had issues with was CSST Wholesale or something like that.

I have hit a bit of a brick wall as I can't seem to get video to actually record to the folder I have specified.

Upon going into Remote Configuration for my Storage Server, I click Storage then General.

Hikvision stuff can be lacking in security, so it's best to limit the exposure when possible.

Even though you have a dynamic IP address, it should have worked for now anyways while your IP hasn't changed.

Pretty much any service which you don't plan to use like port 554, unless you plan to record off site or use other apps that need a RTSP feed it's best to not forward it.

The cam is running firmware 5.1 and i just noticed i cannot successfully format the memory card.

I'm going to update the firmware and buy a new card in a day or two.

Thanks Michelin Man From Part 5 "but have been unable to successfully configure the cameras to view over a WAN using our external ip address. i VMS-4500 only requires port 8000 to be forwarded.

Get error message "Receiving data from the device timed out." when I attempt to input the device information into the App The ports that you have forwarded do map to the correct internal ports right? Ports 443 and 80 are only if you want to view the cameras web interface externally." No I was pointing to 80. Port 554 is the RTSP port so that would be for other applications besides i VMS-4500.

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