30 most intimidating baseball players Free sex chat line no creditcard needed

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For a player who’s seemingly stirred the pot for ages, Yasiel Puig only turned 25 ahead of the 2016 season.The Cienfuegos native’s breakout season in 2013 remains one of the grandest entrances the game has ever seen.However, this isn’t necessarily about height and weight.This countdown is all about the most jacked, muscular and massive active professional athletes on the planet.

The Holguin native is one of the nastiest, most intimidating hurlers the game has seen in years, and his 105.1 mph pitch (in 2010) remains a benchmark of the modern era.

Baseball players nowadays are either on steroids or just not that big -- or so it seems -- but Giancarlo Stanton is a sneaky version of cut.

You would never guess that he's ripped by looking at him with his uniform on, but he was even featured in ESPN Magazine's body issue.

The 6-foot-3, 245-pound football player is fast for his size and, more importantly, he's gone on record bench-pressing 225 pounds a whopping 28 times.

Defensive end Andre Carter may be the oldest player on the countdown, but the man is a beast.

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